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Blanksound is a music licensing network and social network we developed for a wonderful client from scratch. The e-commerce music platform allows artists to upload and sell licenses of their music via a custom Paypal Adaptive Payments integration.

The website is built with Drupal 7 and is hosted on high performance Amazon's EC2 servers configured with FFMPEG for automated conversion of uploaded media files to playable format. Xenyo is proud that we have been entrusted to continue our work with the phase 3 development of this technically challenging project.

testimonials_quoteOnce again I have been extremely impressed by the quality and service Xenyo provides. The service provided met and exceeded all the specifications of the project. The staff at Xenyo have a not only a high level of technical expertise, they also have staff with a great understanding of web design, functionality and marketing. The best part of Xenyo's service is that the project managers have a great understanding of the bigger picture of the site and business. They are able to suggest improvements and point out weaknesses that I would have been completely unaware if it were not for Xenyo. I highly recommend Xenyo to anyone!


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