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Ranking for Competitive Keywords

Date: 09 May 2011
Author: mattwan

We are often asked to quote for 'A Guaranteed' first place ranking on Google for 'MEGA COMPETITIVE KEYWORD' for a yet to be launched site.

Whilst we are aware that some SEO companies may claim they can do this (especially prior to your initial payment),  we try to raise a few things to consider …

Do you think your page deserves to be the World's Premier Resource on the subject of 'MEGA COMPETITIVE KEYWORD'. Its not going to happen quick. Is going for this keyword the best use of resources.

Be aware of any SEO companies that can guarantee organic search rankings for competitive keywords and take a look at their processes.

For most competitive keywords, you are up...

Simple Facts about Google Pagerank

Date: 09 May 2011
Author: mattwan

Even though its been around a while, the term PageRank still gets people a little confused. We've decided to knock up a simple post to help clear things up.

Lets start with a video from Google's Matt Cutts with Facts about Google PageRank updates

To summarize,

PageRank is Google's opinion of the reputation of a page. For Google, PageRank of a page is continously updated - us common folks do not see or know this value. The Google Toolbar PageRank that we do see are updated every three to four months How to Check for Fake Toolbar PageRank

The simplest way to verify that a page's toolbar pagerank hasn't been fake by using redirects is by using Google’s info...