What's On Thorold


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One of our earliest client's, its great that Xenyo is still heavily involved in WhatsonThorold's development and growth plans.

WhatsonThorold is a Canadian local news provider whose website was developed and optimized by Xenyo. The website has been through a number of development phases and now has top rankings for most of its competitive keywords on major search engines.

testimonials_quoteExcellent. The team at Xenyo were extremely responsive and intuitive to all our requests. They are very knowledgable with coding -- basically they made our dreams come true. We had a Drupal site developed, and we needed custom modules and code written. It was done flawlessly. Any 'bugs' were fixed without hassle. They are flexible and the value they offer is incredible. We had an tight deadline and they completed the project with time to spare. My team was super-impressed. Highly, highly recommended. A+. If you have the opportunity to work with Xenyo, TAKE IT!


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