Intranet Development


Please visit our new Drupal Website at https://www.xenyo.com我們的新網頁設計公司網頁.

We provide fully customizable intranet solutions to alternative, more restrictive proprietary systems.

Xenyo uses Drupal to design and implement whole new bespoke intranet systems for your business. We can also integrate and restructure existing systems that you may already be using.  

Benefits of using an optimized intranet

A well-designed intranet serves as a portal that supports all your internal business functions and business growth. Features we can implement include:

Company hub
An online platform that facilitates communication — including announcements, content publishing or peer-to-peer interaction

Document management
A fully customized intranet portal to seamlessly collaborate, upload and share resources between internal colleagues

Business workflows
Business process management that streamlines the way internal processes are handled and recorded

Idea generation
A system that encourages employees to contribute and suggest improvements to the current business and the overall development of the company

Why Xenyo?

We have worked with a variety of enterprises — successfully implementing and integrating large scale intranet projects to suit the needs of these larger corporations.

Enterprise-level security
We understand the concerns regarding the transfer and storage of sensitive information through our work with various enterprises. We have experience and am comfortable with working around tight security restrictions for content that is available on the intranet.

No additional costs
Because we specialize in Drupal, the open source nature of the software means there won’t be any additional licensing fees required as opposed to more popular proprietary software.

We can design an intranet system that has an interface specifically tailored to your brand style. The greater customization that Drupal allows also means the degree of usability and functionality that is required can be catered to suit your business needs.

Resource management
We can develop and implement a resource library where you can upload, edit and share files. This internal portal can be customised further to include more functionality such as more intricate search functions, access rights or work approval reviews.

Future support
After developing and implementing the new intranet, we will provide training to your staff on how to use the new system and how to maintain and manage it.