Business Process Management (BPM)


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We can create, streamline or fully integrate your business workflows by using open-source software that allows us to cater to your specific requests.

What we do for your business workflows

We use the flexible content management system (CMS) Drupal to transform conventional workflows or create fully customizable new digital processes that can supplement or improve your existing business workflows. Whether that’s a system for managing approvals, requests, or online transactions; we can create bespoke solutions to suit your business needs. 

Creating digital workflows of this nature unifies all business processes and provides convenient reporting and tracking of all data.

What does BPM include?

Implementing or restructuring existing systems or processes in a way that makes your overall business more efficient. This can include:

· Business process restructuring          · Form automation

· Business transformation                    · Business workflow optimization

· Systems integration                            · Reporting & analysis

Why Xenyo?

Our knowledge of Drupal and experience with working for a variety of brands means we can provide and create the most effective solutions to support your business processes.

Understanding enterprises
We are comfortable working around the technical and security requirements that exist within enterprise systems regarding the protection of sensitive information.

Business analysis
We have a strong team of business analysts who understand and can optimize your business workflows to support your enterprise goals.

Higher success rate with our BPM solutions
We pride ourselves on the fluid communication between your business and our consultants to pinpoint the best solutions to what you require    

No additional costs
Because we specialize in Drupal, the open source nature of the software means there won’t be any additional licensing fees required as opposed to more popular proprietary software.

Drupal allows greater customization of the system or process — giving you more freedom to create specific workflows that suit your business needs.

- Fully customizable: the business process is built to be exactly what’s needed

- Easy to integrate with existing systems