Excited about Drupal 8, but is it only for Enterprise?

Last week, Drupal 8 went to Release Candidate phase, actual release is imminent and we're excited. We've started our first Drupal 8 project and for me, its like having a new car with all the new funky gadgets and new car smell.
There has been discussion in the Drupal community regarding whether Drupal is becoming more and more enterprise and leaving the smaller guys behind. For sure Drupal 8 has more features that Enterprise's will find great but my view is that Drupal already caters well for Enterprise with the right developers. In the latest 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant, Drupal was the only represented Open Source Web Content Management system. In fact Acquia (Drupal provider) was again the biggest mover and remember this is before Drupal 8. Our Enterprise clients such as AIA, Li & Fung, PCCW are already using Drupal 7, requiring complex workflows, security procedures, permission grids in their projects and as an open source option, I do not think there are any better alternatives.
So I think Drupal 8 is just continuing its road map to add more and more benefits for enterprise, but is this at the expense of the smaller guys or simpler websites?
Has Drupal 8 added anything that is bad for smaller websites?
I think not and in fact the opposite. Many essential features are now included in Drupal Core which makes it easier to get started with Drupal, like built in WYSWYG, inline editing and Views. This lessens the learning curve and therefore reducing the effort required for adopting or developing a Drupal website.
In fact, Drupal 8 in theory should allow us to develop a simpler site faster and allow our clients to understand the backend easier. In the past, we usually have to turn down a few small projects a month. As a solutions provider, it is my duty to recommend the best technology to our clients and Wordpress was more restrictive but faster to develop and easier for clients to use. 
Looking to the future, I think Drupal 8 can allow us to build a better solution for smaller projects with all the pros of Wordpress but just better .... all because of Drupal 8.
Interesting times ahead...
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