Domain change and status update

Exciting times for Xenyo and the Drupal community. Our web design and development team website have moved domains to here, Our old domain be reserved for future company developments. Drupal 8 has entered API freeze and is looking AMAZING, can't wait to start developing websites with it.

We have been so involved in building beautiful websites for our wonderful clients that I have not managed to post regular updates to this website. My plan is to improve in this aspect and also provide startup founders, marketing departments and product managers with Web Experience and Drupal related content they will find useful. We provide this information to our clients already so if we can find time to organise them into useful articles, I think that would be nice for everyone.

July so far has been eventful with 2 successful site launches already, England Diamonds and Moran Prizes ( in collaboration with our Agency Partner FatPublisher in Australia ). We've also been having fun on a few responsive designs and can't wait to show them to the public.

Thats all from me for now ...



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